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100.000 Euro for private sector through Micro-industrialisation Programme 2017

Romanian Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment will launch a new financing opportunity intended for small and medium businesses through Micro-industrialization Programme 2017.
Maximum grant for one project has a value of maximum 450.000 Lei (about 100.00 Euro). Every beneficiary has to contribute with at least 10% of the costs in order to become eligible.

Micro-industrialization Programme will be implemented over four years (2017-2020), time in which about 660 beneficiary will receive grants out of which 165 in 2017.
Call for project will be open between 21st of August and 1st of September 2017, with the possibility of being extended until the whole budget is spent.

Eligible investments include the acquisition of technology equipment, IT equipment, fiscal electronic cash registers, franchises, web design, renewable energy systems, entrepreneurial skills development courses up to 4,500 Lei (1.000Euro). Consultancy is also an eligible expense within the limit of 8,000 Lei (1.700Euo).

We mention below some of the eligible criteria:
Δ Only SMEs with private capital are eligible;
Δ Associates or shareholders holding more than one company can only apply under one program to a single company;
Δ The NACE code for which funding is requested is eligible under the Programme;
Δ Have at least one activity year from its foundation until the date scheduled for the launch of the program;
Δ They did not exceed the minimis ceiling of € 200,000.00 over three consecutive financial years for a single enterprise;

To get the maximum score, applicants must meet the following conditions:
Δ The company obtained exploitation profit on 31.12.2016 – 10 points
Δ SME has at least 2 employees at the date the programme is launched – 10 points
Δ The Company / Associate / Shareholder has not received any grant within the national programs to support SMEs over the past 3 years- 10 points
Δ The new investment will create a number equal to or greater than 4 jobs – 20 points
Δ Additional points for at least 2 above-mentioned jobs created for 2 unemployed persons who have graduate after 2012 or who are part of disadvantaged groups* – 10 points
Δ Percentage of the own contribution is higher than 25% of the eligible project value – 20 points
Δ The share of investments in fixed assets and assimilated inventory objects (…) represents more than 60% of the value of the eligible expenditures included in the investment plan – 15 points
Δ The Associate / Shareholder has never had / have the capacity of associate / shareholder in another company established on the basis of Law 31/1990 with subsequent amendments or on the basis of the Emergency Ordinance no.6/2011 – 5 points
*Disadvantaged people defined according to Government Decision no. 799/2014.

After receiving the grant beneficiaries are required to maintain the investments for which they requested the grant and the number of jobs they created as stated in the business plan for at least 3 years.