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Proiect finantat in cadrul Programului Operational Capital Uman prin contractul de finantare POCU/227/3/8/118399, cu valoare totală a contractului de finanțare de 3.007.297,17 lei. Conţinutul acestui site nu reprezintă în mod obligatoriu poziția oficială a Uniunii Europene sau a Guvernului României.
Training services for the Managing Authority of the Operational Program Administrative Capacity and Support Directorates within the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration.

SMART Integration alongside FORMENERG and PUBLIMEDIA Business will provide professional training services for the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity (MA OPAC) and support directorates in order to contribute to the successful implementation of OPAC. Context of the project In the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy, Romania’s national development policy needs to […]

Developing the evaluation and monitoring capacity of the public institutions involved in the implementation of the National Programme for Rural Development 2014-2020

Smart Integration in partnership with AESA-Agriconsulting Europe and IRIS support the Management Authority in elaborating the mandatory assessment provided by European regulations and ad hoc evaluations. Through this project we aim to improve the system of monitoring and evaluation at the level of MAs and paying agencies as well as at the level of Local […]

Methodology elaboration regarding the rules and financing sources according to the ”Polluter pays” principle

Smart Integration and EPC Consultanță de Mediu joined their forces for the project entitled „Elaboration of the methodology regarding appliance of the Polluter pays priciple”. Context According to the Polluter pays principle, all the ministries and agencies who coordinates or have authority over other institutions, and from whose activities result contaminated sites, must assume an […]

Framework agreement concluded with the Ministry of Research and Innovation for consulting services regarding Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020

For this project SMART Integration has the opportunity to provide specialized services in order to cover the area of expertise for which there are no qualified personnel within the General Directorate of the Intermediate Body for Research. As a result SMART Integration can help accelerate the pace of verification for Reimbursement / Payment / Pre-financing […]

Framework agreement – Consultancy services for the evaluation of funding applications for the Human Capital Operational Programme (AP 1-6)

SMART Integration will support the POCU Managing Authority by providing expert assessors who will properly manage the funds allocated under the POCU 2014-2020 by providing the expertise for assessing and resolving appeals. Context of the project Increasing the efficiency of the absorption of the European Structural Funds and Investment Funds (ESI Funds) is a necessity […]

Feasibility studies for Midia Marine Terminal.

SMART Intergation was comissioned to elaborate four feasibility studies for Midia Marine Terminal. Main objectives of the studies includes: new storage station, high capacity railroad, new SPM (Single Point Mooring – Terminal Offshore) Multiproduct (gasoil, oil and SRGO), new logistic platform or optimization of charging and storage lines.

Organising reunions for LEADER Local Action Groups (LAG) in within the framework of the Action Plan of the European Network for Rural Development 2014-2020

For this contract SMART Integration is organizing the reunions for the Leader LAG (Local Action Group) meetings in the framework of the National Rural Development Network 2014-2020 Action Plan. Results Organizing at least 12 events, maximum 24 events dedicated to a number of minimum 1380 participants, maximum 2760. Context of the project The European Network […]

Framework agreement – Evaluation of project proposals submitted under the 2014-2020 Regional Operational Programme in the South-East Region of Romania

SMART Integration alongside his partner Think Development & Consultancy supports the Regional Development Agency – South East Region, Romania as an Intermediate Body for the Regional Operational Programme, by providing specialized expertise for technical and financial evaluation of projects submitted under the programme through evaluation of the following: ⦿ How projects respond to the achievement […]

Conducting sociology studies in order to evaluate the needs and efficiency of the information campaign carried out in accordance with the Communication Plan for ROP 2014-2020

For this project SMART Integration alongside his partner AB Research Group are evaluating the information and communication campaign implemented according with the Communication Plan for Regional Operational Program 2014-2020. All the tools and practices approached are used according to the characteristics of the target audience: polls, interviews, focus groups, network analysis. Context of the project […]

Framework agreement concluded with the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance – Event management opportunity

Smart Integration and Publi Media Business will sign the framework agreement regarding ”Acquisition of events management for projects financed by the European Fund for Regional Development within the 2014-2020 Technical Assistance Operational Programme” For this project, on the basis of subsequent contracts, we have the opportunity to organise different events and reunions for the Romanian […]