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Framework agreement concluded with the Ministry of Research and Innovation for consulting services regarding Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020

For this project SMART Integration has the opportunity to provide specialized services in order to cover the area of expertise for which there are no qualified personnel within the General Directorate of the Intermediate Body for Research.

As a result SMART Integration can help accelerate the pace of verification for Reimbursement / Payment / Pre-financing Applications, which will lead to faster payments to beneficiaries.
Present framework agreement targets projects contracted under Priority Axis 1 Competitiveness Operational Programme (COP), in the following areas: construction and installations // financial-accounting // public procurement // IT // labor law // remuneration // intellectual property rights // scientific field.

In this framework agreement the scientific field refers to the National Research Strategy for Development and Innovation 2014-2020, approved with Emergency Ordinance 929/2014. The following scientific disciplines have been identified through COP 2014-2020:

→ Bio economy (agriculture, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, horticultural sector, forestry, zootehnics, fish, biomass, bio-fuels;
→ Information technology and communications, space and security;
→ Energy, environment and climate changes;
→ Eco-nanotechnologies and advanced materials;
→ Health;
→ Culture.

The framework agreement is concluded with 5 economic operators and targets the results as stated below:
⦿ 400 checks for Refund / Payment / Pre-Funding Requests;
⦿ 389 on-site inspections;
⦿ A total of 789 checks for Refund / Payment / Pre-Funding Requests;
⦿ A total of 7890 expert reports drawn up*;
* The number of the Refund / Payment / Pre-Funding Requests is estimated and it will be correlated with the number of financed projects.
The list of projects that have been approved for financing is available on the website of the National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation.

National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation

Total value of the project
Between 665.491,00 (about 147.000Euro) și 5.325.001,00Lei (about 1.183.300 Euro), without VAT

Implementation period
August 2017 – December 2018

Project entitled “Support for the efficiency of the accomplishment of the IB Research attributions regarding the evaluation of the projects received within the AP 1 POC and the administrative verification of the reimbursement requests” is financed through the 2014-2020 Technical Assistance Operational Program, Axis 2: Support for Coordination, Management and control of the Structural and Investment European Funds. Also, the state budget contributes 15% to its financing.