National system

The European Structural and Investment Funds may be accessed through seven Operational Programmes

Operational Programme for Competitiveness 2014-2020 (OPC)

OP Competitiveness (funded by ERDF) finances projects to enhance the competitiveness of Romania’s economy, especially by supporting research, development and innovation, and by granting funding aimed to support the information and communication technology infrastructure, more specifically:

Budget: EUR 1.329 billion

Main beneficiaries: research organisations, RD or higher education institutions, SMEs, microenterprises, spin-offs, research organisations

Responsible Authorities:

Funded interventions:

 Operational Programme Human Capital 2014-2020 (OPHC)

OP Human Capital supports inclusive growth by investments in:

Budget: EUR 5 billion

Main beneficiaries: local and central public authorities, NGOs, training providers, social economy entities, social services providers, education institutions.

Responsible Authority:

Managing Authority OPHC – Ministry of European Funds;

Funded interventions:

Operational Programme Large Infrastructure 2014-2020 (OPLI)

The Operational Programme Large Infrastructure supports the development of transport, environmental, energy infrastructure and risk prevention according to European standards, in order to provide the prerequisites for sustainable growth, providing protection and efficient use of natural resources.

Budget: EUR 9.4 billion.

Main beneficiaries: road, railway, naval, port, airport and metro infrastructure administrators, appointed according to law, authorities of the central public administration responsible for the management of customs offices, institutions responsible with structural reforms in the transport sector, local public authorities, Ministry of Transport, units under the coordination or authority of the Ministry of Transport.

Responsible Authority: Managing Authority OPLI – Ministry of Transport

Funded interventions:

Operational Programme Technical Assistance 2014 – 2020 (POAT)

The Operational Programme Technical Assistance 2014 – 2020 provides horizontal assistance to meet the needs of all structures involved in the coordination, management and control of European Structural and Investment Funds in Romania, and the needs of all actors involved in the implementation of projects financed by these funds. The programme implementation period is 2014‐2023.

Budget: EUR 1212.76 million

Main beneficiaries: structures responsible with ESIF coordination and control, namely  Ministry of European Funds, Audit Authority, Certifying and Paying Authority, National Authority for Regulating and Monitoring Public Procurement, Public Procurement Coordination and Verification Unit within the Ministry of Public Finance and Public Procurement Verification Units at regional level, Anti-Fraud Department, and for the ESIF management level, the Managing Authorities and Intermediary Bodies for OPLI, OPC and OPTA.

Responsible Authorities:

Funded interventions:


Operational Programme Aid to the Most Deprived 2014-2020 (OPAD)

OPAD supports distribution of food and basic material assistance to the most deprived. “The most deprived” means natural persons who may be individuals, families, households or groups of individuals, whose assistance needs have been established against objective criteria set by the competent national authorities in consultation with the actors in the sector, avoiding conflicts of interest, or whose assistance needs have been defined by partner organisations and approved by the respective competent national authorities and include the necessary items to reach the most deprived in certain geographical areas.

The structure of the financing programme considers the following types of deprivation:

Budget: EUR 440 million

Main beneficiaries: Ministry of European Funds (MFE) – distribution of food aid; Ministry of National Education (MEN) – distribution of school supplies; public institutions (city halls, schools, etc.) – partner organisations.

Responsible Authority:

Managing Authority OP AD – Ministry of European Funds

Funded interventions :

Support to distribute food and basic material assistance to the most deprived:


Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 (POR)

ROP intends to ensure the continuity of the strategic vision on regional development in Romania, by extending and developing the regional development directions and priorities included in the National Development Plan (NDP) and the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007 – 2013 and implemented under the Regional Operational Programme 2007 – 2013, as well as other national programmes.

ROP supports investments in:

Budget: EUR 6.298 million

Main beneficiaries: local public authorities, central public authorities, NGOs, denominational entities, partnerships, public and private social services providers, accredited according to law, public higher education institutions.

Responsible Authority:

Managing Authority ROP – Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration

Funded interventions:


Operational Programme Administrative Capacity 2014-2020 (OPAC)

The OPAC objective is to improve the efficiency, transparency and accessibility of the Romanian public administration and judiciary.

OPAC supports investment in:

Budget: EUR 553.19 million

Main beneficiaries: central public authorities and institutions, autonomous administrative authorities, NGOs, social partners, accredited higher education and research institutions, Romanian Academy, CSM, IJ, ICCJ, PICCJ, DNA, DIICOT, SNG, INM, courts, prosecutor’s offices, MJ, subordinated institutions: ONPCCRC, ANP, DNP, ONRC, INEC, ANC.

Responsible Authority:

Managing Authority OPAC – Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration

Funded interventions: