Preliminary study regarding the common Roman heritage at the cross-border region between Romania and Bulgaria

Smart Integration alongside Publi Media Business and AAM Management Information Consulting elaborated the preliminary study on the Roman heritage at the border between Bulgaria and Romania.

This project implies a detailed expertise and a wide range of activities, such as:
⦿ Prospecting the border between Romania and Bulgaria in order to identify the roman sites from the region of interest;

⦿ Establishing connections with public institutions connected with the identified roman sites;
⦿ Verification of national and European legislation regarding cultural heritage, tourism and management of historical sites (on the Romanian side of the border);
⦿ Visiting museums that hold valuable collections of objects from the Roman period, namely: Mehedinţi, Dolj, Teleorman, Olt, Giurgiu, Călăraşi and Constanţa;
⦿ Performing an analysis of the infrastructure connectivity of each site considered;
⦿ Participating in the preparation and organization of 6 Roundtables (3 in Bulgaria, 3 in Romania), in which discussions will be held regarding the optimal route for the “Roman Road”, among other topics of interests.

Context of the project
The region between Romania and Bulgaria includes a vast Roman heritage consisting of rich archaeological sites and museum collections. Despite the fact that along the time investments were made in this area in order to support touristic infrastructure, developing an integrated touristic product specific to the Roman heritage wasn’t among the investments objectives.

→ Developing and promoting a touristic route in the roman ancient citadels from the region;
→ Improving the use of cultural heritage;
→ Supporting an organic growth of the local communities’ economy by capitalizing on the tourist and cultural potential of the region;
→ Sustaining the cooperation between the local communities and between both states at the border.

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Constanța

Entities in charge of project implementation
Association of Danube River Municipalities ”Danube” as leader
Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Constanța as partner
Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration as Management Authority for Interreg V A Romania – Bulgaria 2014-2020.

Implementation period
3 months

General value of the project
909.408,15 Euro

This project is funded within the project “Development and promotion of an integrated cultural heritage tourism product: Route “Roman frontier within cross-border region Romania-Bulgaria” ” with funds allocated from Structural Instruments – European Fund for Regional Development, funds allocated from the state budget and funds allocated by the beneficiary – partners co-financing.