Training services for the Managing Authority of the Operational Program Administrative Capacity and Support Directorates within the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration.

SMART Integration alongside FORMENERG and PUBLIMEDIA Business will provide professional training services for the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity (MA OPAC) and support directorates in order to contribute to the successful implementation of OPAC.

Context of the project
In the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy, Romania’s national development policy needs to be increasingly correlated with Community policies, objectives, principles and regulations in order to ensure a “European” socio-economic development and a reduction in how much more rapid disparities than other EU Member States.
POCA 2014-2020 was developed on the basis of the development needs and the directions of action of the administrative and justice sectors identified in the socio-economic analyzes elaborated at the level of the Thematic Advisory Committees and in the “Analysis of the structural causes of the reduced capacity of the public administration” under the coordination of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, included in the Romanian Partnership Agreement and in the Strategy for Strengthening the Public Administration 2014-2020, approved by the Government Decision no. 909/2014.

The overall objective of training services is to effectively support the implementation of POCA and to support AMPOCA in the preparation and follow-up of basic issues concerning the process of development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and project pay- ment.

Subsequent contract no. 1 completed in December 2019.

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration

This project is carried out on the basis of a first sub-contract part of a framework agreement and it is financed from Priority Axis 3 – Technical Assistance of the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity, project Support for the consolidation of the administrative capacity of the MP OPAC, financing order O.m.d.r.a.p. no. 577/2016.