The agreement for the ”Environment, Climate Change, and Ecosystems, EEA” program has been signed

With an allocated budget of 23,529,412 euros, the ”Environment, Climate Change, and Ecosystems, EEA” program is implemented by the Romanian Ministry of the Environment, in partnership with the Norwegian Environmental Agency and aims to support projects that will contribute to improve the state of the environment in ecosystems and to reduce the effects of pollution and other human activities.

The funded activities focus on:

• Improving the state of some ecosystems, by restoring the marshes
Call value – 3.5 million euros;

• Improving the management capacity and approaching the risks generated by dangerous substances, by reducing the historical contamination with dangerous substances in sites and landfills
Call value – 5 million euros;

• Increasing the capacity of local authorities to reduce emissions and ensure better adaptation to climate change, by supporting them in the development and implementation of climate change adaptation plans.
Small grant scheme for the development of plans – 1 million euros
Call value for the implementation of the plans – 7.45 million euros;

• Improving the content of geographical information for decision-makers, in order to implement and develop environmental policies, by producing a digital model for an area of 50 km², as well as the professional development of 100 experts from institutions with environmental attributions and to improve access of the general public to geographic information, via the Internet;
Predefined project with a budget of 5 million euros (continuation of projects from previous programming periods);

• Strengthening the bilateral relations between entities in Romania and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (study visits, workshops, technical meetings)
Value – 150 thousand euros.

Eligible funding applicants are local public institutions/authorities and municipalities, environmental research institutions and NGOs.

Source: Romanian Ministry of European Funds