Eleven proposals elaborated by the Romanian business environment for the next Start-Up Nation programme

The National Council of Small and Medium Enterprises (CNIPMMR) has submitted a set of 11 proposals for the future Start-Up Nation programme. CNIPMMR’s proposals aim to digitalise SMEs, granting an additional score for applicants who have returned from diaspora, introducing the restriction to sell more than 49% of the company and giving up the tiebreaker according to the number of jobs created, among others.
These proposals have been sent to the current minister of economy, energy and business environment and were discussed and assimilated in a percentage of 90% by the ministry. We hope this will be the new look of Start-Up (Tech) Nation 2020 programme. said Florin Jianu, CNIPMMR President.

The 11 proposals of the National Council of Small and Medium Enterprises for the future Start-Up Nation financing programme are as follows:
→ Changing the name of the next session in “Start-up Tech Nation”;
→ Introducing the obligation to purchase of a digital pack containing at least: one presentation website, a data management software and an electronic signature (maximum eligible amount: 25,000 lei/5,200 Euro);
→ Elimination of scoring differences between Bucharest, Ilfov, Cluj and the rest of the counties aiming to achieve an unitary approach of the programme at the national level;
→ Granting additional score for the own contribution;
→ Granting additional score for projects that include a social innovation component (business plans that solve one or more social problems that the community where the project is implemented faces);
→ Granting additional scores to applicants who have returned from the diaspora to open a business through the “Start-up Tech Nation” programme;
→ Resignation from separation according to the number of jobs but maintaining the obligation to create at least one new job;
→ Granting additional score to associates / shareholders who have not had the status of associate / shareholder in another company until the establishment of the company with which it applies;
→ Eligibility of companies set up as of January 1, 2018;
→ The jobs created by the programme will be able to be filled by did not have a job in the last 6 months;
→ Introduce the restriction of alienation of more than 49% of the social shares / actions during the implementation and monitoring of the programme.

Source: Ziarul Financiar