Funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Program could also be accessed by NGOs or companies

The Minister of European Funds, Cristian Ghinea, states that the “reform holders” – known in European projects as “project beneficiaries”, those who will be able to access funds through the National Recovery and Resilience Program (PNRR) – could be not only public entities, but also non-governmental organizations or companies. He claims to have received “excellent ideas” from the private sector that is suitable for accessing funds through PNRR.

Cristian Ghinea states that “reform holders” – the entities that will be able to access funds through PNRR – will be able to be not only ministries, agencies, mayors, County Councils, but also entities from the private area.

“We decided to have private entities to assume part of these targets, that we are talking about NGOs, that we are talking about companies, we see. If I intend, for example, to have ecological trails in the mountains and I can’t find County Councils or willing town halls, I can talk to some NGOs that take over, that have projects, that have partnerships with Romsilva, with whom they own the land, to give them money for this matter. We received excellent ideas from NGOs “, said Cristian Ghinea in an interview given to Europa Fm.

He gave an example in this regard, the construction of the road that in the project is called Via Transilvanica, a road of a thousand kilometers, intended for bicycle routes, which would leave Maramureş and reach Banat.

“There is a tendency in ministries to say: Give me the money, I do everything! And I wanted to discourage this very explicitly. So the ministries are the only ones that regulate, that change the legislation, they don’t have to spend money alone “, Cristian Ghinea also explained.

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