New investments of over 78 million lei in medical equipment and devices for hospitals in the country

At the end of last week, the Ministry of European Investments and Projects, through the Managing Authority for the Large Infrastructure Operational Program, announced the signing of several financing contracts for projects aimed at improving our health system, especially in the current context of crossing health crisis.

One of the medical units that will receive European funds worth over 10 million lei is the City Hospital Dr. Ghe. Constantinescu Bumbeşti Jiu, which will be equipped with equipment for treatment, prevention, decontamination and protection.

Also, in order to ensure a prompt and efficient response of the public medical system to the current crisis, European funding is also provided for the Târgovişte County Emergency Hospital. The unit will be properly equipped and equipped to prevent COVID-19 infection, but also to treat patients, and the investment amounts to over 42.6 million lei.

MIPE will provide the financing with another 5.5 million lei for the extension of the medical capacity of the Sighișoara Municipal Hospital. The proposed project provides for the purchase of medical equipment for the rapid and correct diagnosis of infected patients, but also to ensure appropriate treatment.

12.6 million lei will also be invested for the purchase of medical equipment necessary for the Sinaia City Hospital, which will be able to better manage the health crisis.

For the endowment of the Clinical Hospital of Pneumoftiziology Constanţa, the Ministry will ensure, also through the Large Infrastructure Operational Program, a financing of 7.21 million lei. The hospital provides highly specialized medical care in the respiratory diseases of patients in the South-East region of the country.