Event planning for the Romanian Ministry of Environment

For this project SMART Integration as leader and AVENSA Consulting as partner organized a series of events and training sessions in the 8 regions of Romania for the Romanian Ministry of Environment.

→ Organizing 14 training sessions out of which 13 regional sessions;
→ Organizing 2 workshops and 2 conferences.

Target group
Staff working for National Agency for Environmental Protection, County Environmental Protection Agencies, Administration of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Management Authorities, related Intermediate Bodies and the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests.

Main objective of the project
This project aimed to develop the skills in the evaluation of the projects financed with European Funds of the:
→ Competent Authorities personnel for environmental protection,
→ Management Authorities personnel and
→ Related Intermediate Body personnel.

Context of the project
In order to access and implement projects through the operational programs financed with European funds for 2014-2020, Romania has to respect the European Union legislation. In the field of environmental protection this applies for environmental impact assessment (EIA) and for strategic environmental assessment (SEA).
In this regard the results of the project will support the ongoing EIA and SEA proceedings as well as the issuance of regulatory acts related to projects funded by European Union.

Romanian Ministry on Environment

Project value
759.859,00 Lei without VAT

Implementation period
March – September 2017

Project entitled ”Training for personnel of competent authorities for environmental protection regarding environmental impact assessment and environmental assessment for 2014-2020 – 2nd Stage” is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, Operational Programme Technical Assistance 2014-2020.

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