Framework agreement – Assessment of applications for the Romanian “Administrative Capacity” Operational Programme

SMART Integration in partnership with THINK Development & Consultancy are implementing subsequent contracts for the project entitled ”Providing evaluation and verification services for grant applications requests for the Romanian Managing Authority (MA) of the “Administrative Capacity” Operational Programme (ACOP) ”.

For this project we are supporting the Managing Authority of ACOP in the the assessment process of the grant applications in order for the financed project to contribute to the main objectives of the operational programme:
→ Verification of administrative compliance and eligibility of grant applications;
→ Technical and financial evaluation of funding applications.

Context of the project
ACOP 2014-2020 was elaborated as a response to the need to establish action lines for the public administration and justice sectors in the eight regions of Romania.
Strategy of the operational programme approach priorities as stipulated in the Europe 2020 strategy. It emphasizes smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as a way to overcome the structural weaknesses in Europe’s economy, improve its competitiveness and productivity and underpin a sustainable social market economy. Objectives of Europe 2020 strategy can be met only if the administrative capacity will coordinate and cooperate at local and central level.
ACOP will promote a modern public administration, capable to facilitate socio-economic growth through competitive public services, investments and quality regulations.

Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration

Subsequent contracts implemented: SC 1, SC 4, SC 5.

Implementation period
48 months

“Administrative Capacity” Operational Programme is elaborated by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration in partnership with the Ministry of Justice. The financial allocation of the program for 2014-2020 period comes from the European Social Fund and has a value of EUR 553.19 million.